Chris Hoog

Bay Area Saxophonist & DJ


Chris Hoog is a professional DJ and saxophonist. He often will combine the two to add an interesting mix of musicality to an otherwise more traditional DJ set, introducing subtle horn lines or a tasty solo to elevate the energy in the room.  

A vibrant contributor to the East Bay funk scene since he arrived in Berkeley from Boston in 2013 Chris Hoog is now active in a wide variety of genres from funk and soul to house and hip-hop.

Chris's saxophone playing on the tenor has a lyrical quality that adds an interesting mix to whatever music is being played alongside him. On the baritone sax, Chris is exploring a new style of music dubbed "brasshouse" influenced by Too Many Zooz and Moon Hooch. 

Chris plays with a number of touring bands, including Bay Area favorite Afrolicious and The Brothers Prince, a rising funk / soul-hop group

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