Chris Hoog

Bay Area Saxophonist & DJ

DJ + Sax:

As a DJ artist, Chris Hoog blends a wide range of music funk and soul to hip hop and house while supplementing his sets with subtle horn lines or tasty solos which adds  an interesting mix of musicality and surprise to the dance floor at clubs, weddings and private events.

Freelance saxophonE:

Chris Hoog is available for hire as a freelance tenor and baritone saxophonist. He has been particularly successful finding a niche as improvisational accompanist filling in space between vocal and instrumental melodies in soul, funk, hip-hop and electronic genres. 



Brothers Prince has been bringing their indie-soul-hop sound to the Bay since 2016 and have sold out shows at the Ivy Room, The Starry Plough, and The Legionnaire. Influenced by artists like Lauryn Hill, J. Cole, and Alabama Shakes the sound is a varied yet cohesive mix of mellow soul, indie grit, and evocative rap.